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  • Honor Chairman: Xiang Huaicheng

    Former Minister, Ministry of FinanceMr. Xiang Huaicheng used to be Director General of National Council for the Social Security Fund, Director of Secretary of Party Leader Group in the State Administration of Taxation Bu......
  • Chairman: Shao Bingren

    Deputy Director, The Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative ConferenceMr. Shao Bingren used to be Vice Director and a member of the P......
  • Executive Vice -Chairman:Yi Xiqun

    Mr. Yi Xiqun used to be District Chief of Xicheng District and assistant to the Mayor of Beijing. He also served as president of Beijing Enterprises Group Company, Ltd.
  • Chief Economist: Xu Xiaonian

    Professor of Economics and Finance, China Europe International Business SchoolProfessor Xu Xiaonian used to be Senior Economist with Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific and consultant of the World Bank.