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  • 一、数据


  • 二、功能

    信息展示与共享; 实现项目和资金的速配; 参与协会组织的培训及其他活动;

  • 三、用户权利

    对外展示有关自己的信息; 在权限范围内,查询本数据库中的信息; 上传、查询、修改、删除自己填报的信息; 在权限范围内,定期或不定期获得协会推送的各类活动信息和其它 信息; 因及时、保质、保量地上传、更新和完善自己填报的信息而获得优先排名、优先推送等益处; 向协会举报失实信息; 获得本数据库的使用帮助,对数据库完善给出批评或建议;

  • 四、用户义务

    遵守国家相关法律法规; 确保基本信息的完整、准确、及时;并对自己填报的信息负责; 不得侵害其他用户、其它机构或个人以及本协会合法的正当权益;

  • 五、用户管理


  • 六、免责声明


  • 1. About the data

    This database includes information from types of investment institutions, intermediary service institutions, government agencies, enterprises, relevant research institutions, as well as kinds of activities organized by CAPE, BPEA and database users.

  • 2. What opportunities you get

    To show you and your organization, share information all over the world, match projects with funds efficiently and conveniently, participate in trainings and other activities organized by CAPE, BPEA and others.

  • 3. What you can do

    To show yourself by uploading data and materials, query, change and delete the related information within the scope of the authority, have the knowledge of kinds of activities ahead of time, get the qualification of priority ranking, ask for help, report inaccurate information and make suggestions to us.

  • 4. What you should commit

    Please conform to the relevant laws and regulations, ensure the integrity, veracity and promptness of the basic information you provide. Do not infringe upon the interests and fied rights of other users, organizations, individuals and so on.

  • 5. Your Account

    lease take care of your ID and password. We do not undertake any responsibility for the loss caused by your carelessness.

  • 6. Disclaimer

    Although we pursuit a real, fair and open data world and endeavor to make sure the information presented is true, accurate, complete and timely through various ways, the users must be responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and legitimacy of the information provided by themselves. We do not undertake any guarantee responsibility.